How it works

(1) Register with us




Simply register on our website or call/whatsapp us and send us your measurement garment, design and other specifications and once it’s done, and when all this is done, we will stitch your material with Guaranteed Fit and deliver it to you in 08 working days.



(2) Help us with a Measurement Garment




Give us a perfectly fitting garment for measurement purpose.



(3) Design





Give us pictures of what you want to make



(4) Payment





Make 80% down payment.


(5) Pickup/Delivery in 8 working days



Once payment is confirmed, every garment is hand cut to your individual measurements and then stitched to be delivered on time. (in 8 working days).



(6) Pay the outstanding 20% on delivery




Pay the balance of 20% once your Guaranteed Fit new outfit is delivered at your doorstep






At Aduwa Designs, we provide professional online tailoring to offer the best fit of apparels. Our aim is to provide the hassle free timely delivery of tailored clothes at your doorstep. Tailored clothes are more beneficial than the readymade clothes as they can be altered easily unlike readymade clothes where alterations can be difficult.


If the outfit you like the most in a showroom is out of your budget, why not get the same dress tailored by us and within your budget.