Free Sewing Accessories Designs & Pattern

What could be better than sewing accessories to fit your unique style, and having the control to customize as you please? In this collection you’ll find four staple accessory sewing patterns to satisfy your fashion needs, whether you’re at home or out on the town. Begin with one of two delectable scarf sewing patterns, one with shirred and ruffled edges for incredible texture, and the other combining two colors of silk for a clever mosaic effect. Sometimes when you sew accessories, it’s fun to try something outside the box, which is why we love our next project. The raw edge flower choker is an elegant accent to any outfit, and features silk and sheer scraps in slightly varied hues. Finally, we’ve included the staple accessory for every kitchen, a handmade apron sewing pattern, but made unique with appliqué and zigzag embroidery.


All four of these fashionable sewing patterns make the perfect quick and easy project to sew in an afternoon. They are also a great way to practice embellishment and handsewing techniques. And they make great gifts! Download your free collection of scarf, choker, and apron sewing patterns to get started today.
How to Sew a Scarf, Choker and Apron Pattern. Learn how to sew an apron, how to sew scarves, and even your own fashion accessory, all with this free eBook. What we love most when sewing accessories, is they allow you to try new techniques, materials or processes. With this collection, you’ll be able to test out using water-soluble stabilizer, metallic thread, and silk as materials; or, try shirring, ruffled edges, appliqué and other techniques. You’ll love making these sewn scarf patterns, apron pattern and choker, and have fun customizing them in your own unique way. So pull out some fabric and get started sewing accessories today!

Beautiful Scarf Sewing Pattern for all levels

1: Free Scarf Sewing Pattern

Waterfall Scarf by Tricia Waddell: This is the first of two sewn scarf patterns featuring silk as the delightful fabric of choice. Douppioni silk gets a creative texture treatment in this simple scarf sewing pattern featuring shirred and ruffled edges. The shirring is made by gathering the scarf both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to sculpt the ends in unique ways. Sewing scarves is a great way to express your creativity, just download this free eBook and enjoy the step by step instructions from our experts.









2: Free Scarf Sewing Pattern

Mosaic Silk Scarf by Tricia Waddell: Play with fabric and metallic thread and explore the second of our scarf sewing patterns featuring silk fabric. Create a stunning evening scarf by combining two colors of silk Douppioni into a clever mosaic. Sew the mosaic squares to water-soluble stabilizer using metallic thread and you will have a unique accessory.








3: Free Apron Sewing Pattern

Zigzag Apron by Melanie Testa: Get tips for how to sew an apron using zigzag piecing, hand embroidery, and appliqué for an apron that is fun and functional. The wrap-around ties create flattering shaping for this one size-fits-all apron to make you the cutest cook in the kitchen. The embellishments and elements built into this design make it delightfully different than so many other apron patterns to sew.


4: Free Fashion Choker Pattern

Raw Edge Flower Choker by Erin Snethen: An elegant accent to any outfit, this choker features silk and sheer scraps in slightly varied hues. Add crystals, buttons, or beads for sparkling flower centers, then attach the flowers to a satin ribbon and let the ends drape elegantly down your back.