How to include a pocket to any outfit

This pocket will work with a garment that has a side seam (or a pair of side seams), and enough space inside the garment for the pocket; looser pants or a flowing skirt would be perfect. It’s an easy starter pocket because it hides in the inside of the garment.

You will need:

  • Your garment.
  • Another scrap garment, scrap fabric, or new fabric to cut the pocket out of. It should be similar in fabric content, texture and color (if you want it to match). You’ll want enough fabric to cut out 4 copies of your pocket pattern (about 2 square feet for sure).
  • A space to work in that is brightly lit and has a wide flat surface. The floor will do.
  • A sewing machine, needle, and thread. (This can be done by hand but will take a lot longer.)
  • A stitch ripper.
  • Sharp scissors.
  • Pins.
  • A ruler or measuring tape.
  • A piece of paper for your pocket pattern.
  • Optional: another pocketed garment to inspire your pocket pattern.

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